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Aisha Mackey


A devoted entrepreneur and certified / professional event planner, Aisha Mackey is the CEO and proud  owner of Exclusive Affairs, LLC.  Aisha is married and the mother of two sons.  She was born in Queens,  NY but relocated with her parents to Lancaster, SC as a child where she was raised and currently resides with her own family.  Aisha is a graduate of Lancaster Senior High School and furthered her education at  Strayer University and graduating with a Business Management degree.  As a child, Aisha’s infatuation  with planning  events  led  her  to  actively  assist her Great  Aunt  in  the  planning  of  summer  events  and  dinner parties for family and friends.  While growing up in New York City, Aisha was in admiration of her  grandmother  as  she  hosted  holiday  events  with  all  the  festive  décor. When  entering  high  school in  Lancaster, Aisha’s desire to plan events became an even greater interest which caused her to be actively  involved  with  her  high school social  events  /  helping  plan multiple school functions. These memories  inspired Aisha to have a love for planning even the more causing her to launch her own event company.   

Owner, Accredited Event Decorator

Because of her commitment to her passion and the event world, Aisha is now a very successful business  owner  and  an  inspiring  entrepreneur.    Some  of  Aisha’s  successes  included:  directing the  Miss  Black  Lancaster  pageant  and  the  Miss  Black  SC  pageant,  the  event  coordinator  for the  grand  opening celebration for  Liberty  Mutual  Insurance  (personal  lines) office  in the  Baxter  Village in  Fort  Mill,  SC,  weddings, birthday party celebrations, family reunions, etc. 

As CEO of Exclusive Affairs, LLC, Aisha’s goal as an event planner and owner is to take all the concerns,  doubts, worries, and fears from her clients as her clients entrust her with the success of their events as  Aisha  set  the  atmosphere  that  will  create  fund  memories  that  will  last  a  lifetime.   With  ten  years of  military  training,  Aisha has  the  discipline,  the  business  knowledge,  and  expertise  to  get  the  job  done with great care and success no matter the cost, no matter what type of event it is, and no matter how  BIG it is. 


Sabrina Hammond


Sabrina Hammond widow mom of five amazing young adults & grandmother to 1 Amazing grandson !As a child growing up I always enjoyed  family Reunions & church events & parties. As a young adult My love for entertaining family and friends continued ! I love putting together cookouts & birthday parties I have always been a Social Butterfly!  I love gathering people together for a Good times & Great Memories! As a Experienced Customer Service Pro & consultant I love providing services & products to customers making sure that customers get what they want! I simply love helping make people’s day a little brighter & better by providing them with Great professional Customers service & consulting! Recently my love for flowers led me to obtain Accreditation &  Certificate as a Florist & Entrepreneur !

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